Hi, my name is Scott. I’m a developer who builds things for the web. My other interests include hardware hacking and travel.

I work at Colony where I get to work with some great people and cool tech! When I’m not on the job, I love exploring the countryside and spreading the gospel of “dumb hacks”.

My desk

Current Projects

Ethpollo: interact with Ethereum contracts using GraphQL. Handles data encoding/decoding on the client, developed in my spare time.

Notable Past Projects

Taxicoin: a decentralised protocol for ride-sharing apps. Uses the Ethereum platform and functions without the need for any central authority. Originally my University final-year project.

Don’t Laugh: this was a hackathon project created at OxfordHack 2016. Players sit around a beer bottle with a camera and makeshift rubber-band gun mounted on it. If a player laughs or smiles, they are shot.

Muki.js: reverse engineering the API of a Bluetooth-enabled coffee cup with an e-ink display, and writing a library for it in Javascript. Later used to change the image via SMS.


Web3: Actually using Ethereum: aiming to bring down the hype a little bit, explain what Ethereum is and go a little bit into what we can do with it — BrumJS November 2017 and WM-JUG May 2018.

(Not) Selling Out: a rant disguised as a talk, discussing hackathon sponsorship and staying true to the hacker ethos — Hackcon EU III (video).

How Important is Privacy Online: a wakeup call highlighting how records of our actions online are being sold as a commodity to advertisers — Aston EAS Undergraduate Conference (audio, slides).

Inside the mind of a fresher: what it’s like to be a first year attending hackathons, and how the experience can be improved — Hackcon EU II (video, slides).


You can email me at scott at this domain. I’m also available as sprusr on most platforms. If you want a chat, Telegram is probably your best bet.

View from a plane