How Important is Privacy Online?

The fight for freedom on the Internet

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About me

  • Software Engineer at Beautiful Canoe
  • Free software advocate
  • Developer as a hobby

The Internet is amazing


  • Hardware
  • Communication
  • Web pages/chat
  • Culture 🎉

So what's the problem?


  • Websites started getting really big
  • Control is handed to big company
  • Lock in and lack of resilience

You're being tracked

  • Internet history
  • Social profiling

Your data is being sold

  • Annoying, creepy adverts
  • Also tracking you

Why should I care?

Your data is being sold You're being sold

  • Companies know more about you than you do
  • Almost certainly out to make a profit
  • You are their product

You're being watched

Your identity is at risk

  • How much do you trust these companies?
  • Is security a major concern for them?

What can I do about it?

Install an ad-blocker

  • Adverts are one of the main trackers
  • Also blocks other parts of webpages

Consider alternatives

  • Is there something that doesn't track me but has the same features?
  • Does my data need to go through a server?

Always use encryption

  • Unencrypted traffic can be intercepted
  • If they encrypt it, they can still read it!
  • End to end encryption should be standard


  • The Internet is great, but the future is uncertain
  • Big companies are taking too much control
  • Internet users are constantly profiled to sell ads
  • Block trackers, try alternatives and encrypt e2e


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